Posted in December 2011

Top 10 Cool Things About Scrivener

I know I’ve written a great deal about Scrivener on my blog, but really, it is one of the best programs for writers out there, and has the potential to help any writer boost their skills through organization, ease of use, and production to multiple formats. First, get the program here.  It costs $49, which … Continue reading

The Myth of Writer’s Block

I have taught AP Composition for over 10 years.  One of the things that students always complain about is what they call “writer’s block”.  I am convinced, after years of writing, that writer’s block does not exist, and is a concept created by a media culture to explain a simple phenomenon of laziness. A great … Continue reading

Christmas Memories

Today marks the second Christmas Eve without my Dad.  I think of all the holidays, this holiday was Dad’s favorite.  He would never be in a bad mood on this day, he would always smile, want to go out to breakfast with me at the local cafe. Dad was always difficult to buy for.  This … Continue reading

First Person and Suspense

Probably one of the biggest hurdles I have had to jump writing my latest novel is point of view. I thought of writing it in first person but then if I were to put my hero in peril (and I will several times) the reader has the happy place of knowing that the hero is … Continue reading

Amazon Createspace Publishing

I am in the middle of trying to work the kinks out of my experience with Amazon’s Createspace publishing site.  It is a love/hate relationship, but the benefits to publishing are pretty cool. Amazon will publish your book completely free of charge if you want, and all you have to do is order one proof … Continue reading

Welcome to the Blog!

I’m starting this blog to discuss the active work of writing fiction.  I am currently working on a novel entitled “This Broken Earth”, which is a post-apocalypse novel about the end times as if the rapture happens after the tribulation and WW3. I will post on this blog when I’m not writing the novel.  I … Continue reading