Posted in June 2012


Thanks go out to all followers and readers of my blog.  I reached 1000 likes today!  I could not do this without all of you.  Blessings on all of you!

5 Ways to Meet a Deadline

As an independent author, I set my own deadlines for rough drafts and the final draft publishing date.  However, just because I do this myself doesn’t mean I don’t hold myself to the standard of finishing on time.  You might say: “You’re not like a real novelist who has a deadline from a publisher set in … Continue reading

5 Ways to Work With Stubborn Writing

I spent last week with my son at camp and then visiting my uncle, and today it’s back to the laptop to start working on the novel again.  My only problem is that this scene I am about to write just doesn’t flow out of my head and through my keyboard like I’d prefer.  It … Continue reading

3 Reasons I’m Getting My Own Domain Name

I’ve thought about it for a while, and have decided that on Monday my blog will no longer have the word “wordpress” in my URL.  It will only cost me $18 a year, and here are the benefits I will reap: 1. Professional Image – My blog will no longer be “just another WordPress blog”, … Continue reading

A New Look

I have redesigned the blog today in order to make things more easily accessible.  It was kind of getting cluttered.  I hope you all like the new look!