Editing Services

I offer editing services.

I only edit long form novels, not dissertations or other college term papers.

I will edit short stories for a flat fee of $20, (no more than 1500 words)

For long form novels I charge $1 per page at 12 pt font double spaced, 1/2″ margins.

For this fee I will:

1. Copyedit (grammar, type-o, continuity)

2. Proofread (flow, style, voice)

3. Critique – Give suggestions for improvement, discuss trends that may be addressed, etc.

I will not divulge any of your manuscript to anyone and sign a contract with each client.

Also, when you contact me, and I agree to look at your manuscript, I will ask for the first 10 pages to decide if I want to commit to the project.  It is my hope that you have at least proofread your manuscript before sending it to me.  I will only commit to manuscripts that have first been thoroughly proofread by the author.  Editing a non-proofed manuscript is MUCH more work than $1 a page…and is grueling.  It should be your best work so that I can best serve your needs as a writer.

Writing is indeed hard work, but so is editing.

If you are interested, please fill out the contact form below and I will discuss the details.

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