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5 Tips for Finishing a Writing Project

How many writing projects have you started, but have not finished? This is an excellent question, but the answer for a writer should be a very small number.  Successful writers finish what they start, even if it takes years to get there. Elizabeth Bishop worked on her poem “The Moose” for a record 20 years. … Continue reading

Random Roundup: 5 Articles About Writing

This week has been an interesting writing week in the news, and I thought I would share some of the articles that were the most interesting: Megan McCardle wrote a great article about why writers are procrastinators.  Are you guilty of some of these? Simon St. Laurent writes about writing in his niche because nobody … Continue reading

3 Deadly Traps for a Writer

There are so many things that can distract writers.  Writers are thinkers and dreamers, and if there is anything I have learned from my son, who suffers from ADHD, it is that distractions can kill any chance of the completion of a task. But what are the three things that are deadly for a writer, … Continue reading

5 Ways To Focus On Writing When You Get Off Track

The holidays were rough for writing, at least as far as my personal goals were concerned.  However, even though I had great family time with relatives and watched my children dig into their Christmas gifts un-distracted, I did manage to edit through my new WIP a couple of times. But that’s 53,000+ words, Roger.  How … Continue reading

5 Ways To Focus On Writing

  There are so many different things in this digital age to distract us from writing.  The picture to the left is of Ernest Hemingway typing a novel on the beach, but the days when a writer could isolate themselves from their tech may be completely gone. Even though I love writing (the process, the … Continue reading

Writing Exercises

It’s Friday, but that doesn’t mean you get to lie down on the job!  If you are a writer, you need to use every ounce of writing muscle you have throughout the week at least (and if you just can’t stand it, then write on weekends). But what if your WIP is fizzling out and … Continue reading

Writing When You Don’t Want To Write

So there you are. You’ve had a hard day at the day job, you’re kids need help with homework, it’s your night to prepare a meal for your family, you need to spend some quality time with a roulette of family members and you just don’t feel like writing. What to do? That novel isn’t … Continue reading

New Podcast Is Up

Episode 5 – The Terror of the Blank Page The new podcast is up for your listening enjoyment.  In this episode, Roger expands on his post about “The Terror of the Blank Page”, discussing some practical things writers can do to maximize their time in front of the computer screen.  Also, we discuss some of … Continue reading

The Terror of the Blank Page

Last night as I watched The Walking Dead I would cycle back and forth during commercials to view the Oscar ceremonies.  One phrase stood out to me as I was doing this, and it was what was said by the announcer right before Quentin Tarantino was awarded an Oscar for best original screenplay.  The announcer said in … Continue reading