Welcome to the Blog!

I’m starting this blog to discuss the active work of writing fiction.  I am currently working on a novel entitled “This Broken Earth”, which is a post-apocalypse novel about the end times as if the rapture happens after the tribulation and WW3.

I will post on this blog when I’m not writing the novel.  I hope to use this blog as a sounding board for any ideas I have or process issues that can be hashed out.

I exclusively use a MacBook Pro and Scrivener to write my books.  I currently have a book coming out soon entitled “Notes From the NICU: Overcoming Catastrophic Trial” which is a devotional book.

Looking forward to using this blog frequently to get the juices flowing, even if no one reads it:)


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog!

  1. I love the post-apocalyptic genre. There are so many takes on it, and something they all have in common is a cross between and action and emotion, which I believe to be the two most powerful tools for any writer.

  2. How exiting! I’m looking forward to the NICU one you have coming out. Curtis and I have spent much time in the PICU for J’s heart. Not sure how anybody can make it through something like that without God.

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