Signs In China: Keep Off the Grass

I spent 5 weeks in China last summer and I miss it.  I decided that this week I would post pictures of signs that I saw in that wonderful country. These signs are attempts at English that turn out to be utter failures, or like the one below, have a certain elegance.  It seems to shame us into staying off the grass.  I love it.


2 thoughts on “Signs In China: Keep Off the Grass

  1. I have a what I think is a oriental tea jar, with grass handwriting on it , it was found while my husband was in the septic tank business, keep in mind this has been over 35-40 years ago. It is clearly hand made and cooked in a old kiln, it has writing on it and I have done research on it in southeast America, the orientals have took me this far and wanted. Me to send it to the Museum of natural arts in New York City, which I will not do! Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, and I assume American Indian or part of the civil war may be where it came from? Please write me with any info!

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