500 Views Today!

Image courtesy uphillwriting.com

I’ve been watching the stats of views of my blog today and my heart has jumped nearly out of my chest.  I just scored 500 views today!  Thanks goes out to Scrivener, Mindnode and my loyal friends and fellow bloggers!  Way to go!


10 thoughts on “500 Views Today!

  1. Awesome! I have noticed a couple things that I’ve wanted to ask you about.

    Do you have a way of not hot-linking to the graphics at the top of your post, sometimes other sites don’t like that, and when they don’t you could end up with an image you don’t intend to put up being put on your post.

    Thought about registering your own domain and hosting wordpress on it, or pointing to it through wordpress.com?

    I’ve also been meaning to suggest a couple twitter accounts for you to follow, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head at the moment…hmm.

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