How to Make a 1940’s Style Captain America Shield: Part 2

The next step in creating a great looking 1940’s Cappy shield is the strap and the handle.  First, I cut a strip of thin brown leather that had already been dyed.

I used an awl to poke holes in the leather, then I sewed the end of the strap to the handle and then wound it around the handle until it was completely covered.  I then sewed the leather strip together so that it would stay.  It is important to stretch the leather as you wind it, that way it will shrink back on the handle and stay in place.

The next step was the strap for my forearm.  I cut a thicker piece of leather and then used an awl to poke four holes through once I looped it around the fastener.  I used wax thread (it’s heavier than regular thread and made for leather products) and sewed through a few times creating an “X” pattern.  This will secure my loop to the fastener and create a nice bond that won’t break with regular use.

I then did the same for the bottom side of the strap after placing my forearm through the opening to make sure that it fit properly.

The final step was to use brown shoe polish and a brush to create that “lived in” weathering that looks fantastic.  If you want to make it a little more weathered, wet a piece of very fine grit sand paper and then run it lightly over the leather (not too wet because the leather will shrink if you haven’t treated it).


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