Some Explanations and Apologies

I have finished all editing and have completed Book 1: The U.S. of After the first installment of This Broken Earth, and fully intended to offer the book for free on Amazon, Nook and iTunes…but they are a corporation, and they want their money.  I tried to publish the books for FREE, but unfortunately since I am not a big publishing house, I cannot offer them as such and must charge a minimum of .99 cents for each copy.  

To those who I promised a free copy, I apologize, and I should have done a little more research into the matter.  I feel like a complete fool.  I am not beyond e-mailing copies to people who want one.

The plus to this is that people can STILL get my book FOR FREE from Smashwords, and in all formats.  I will be posting the details on Wednesday when the worldwide release goes out (and I have made sure that everything is up and running).

In the mean time, feast your eyes on the final version of the cover.  I added a little color as per my wife’s instructions.  Look for it soon at digital retailers near you (or for free on Smashwords).

Again, my deepest apologies.


3 thoughts on “Some Explanations and Apologies

  1. Oh not to worry, after all the effort you have put into your writing/blogging etc, who cares about $0.99?
    And I like the cover too. Well done mate!

  2. Congratulations on your new release. Can’t wait to read it! I wanted to tell you that is some very creative cover art. One of the best! The cover alone would make me grab your book off of a shelf! Well done Roger!

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