This Broken Earth Book 1 Released Yesterday: The Results

I tried not to go online at all yesterday, trying to get Book 2 of This Broken Earth outlined and squared away before I begin writing it.  This morning I checked Kindle, Nook and Smashwords to see how many copies had been downloaded or purchased.

Kindle had 4 copies purchased.  No problem.  Not worried.

Nook had absolutely no copies purchased.  No problem.  Not worried.

Smashwords had recorded 138 free copies downloaded!  That is absolutely amazing.  I was not expecting results like that in one day.  I know that many more people are still planning on downloading the book and reading it… and reviewing it.  I couldn’t be happier.

I want to thank all the people who downloaded the book and are reading it right now…or will soon read it.  Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy it.


10 thoughts on “This Broken Earth Book 1 Released Yesterday: The Results

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  3. I also was a smash words ‘purchase’ like paula this wasn’t a good time for me to add to the budget, its back to school time so we have supplies and back to school clothes for the girls and my wife (a teacher)

    That said I’m mostly kindle so I will probably do amazon for the next book(s)

    • Absolutely no problem at all. PLEASE download this book for FREE. It was intended to be free in the first place. Tell your friends, blog about it, write a review. I don’t care if I don’t make a cent on the first part of the book.

    • Do not feel bad. I intended the first copy to be for FREE. People who shell out the .99 cents are just a bonus. Tell your friends, pass it around, blog about it, review it, sing songs about it . I hope you enjoy it and thanks for getting a copy!

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