5 Days Until the My Book Is Finished…Or the World Ends

A Series 800 terminator, a robot-only version ...

A Series 800 terminator, a robot-only version of the cyborg played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yesterday was sheer madness.  I managed to crank out 7669 words on the novel and still have time to go see The Hobbit (review forthcoming).  Today I finish it...at least the rough draft.  The following week will be devoted to revision and editing, proofing by a select few readers who have nothing to do but read it, and then Friday it will be released on Kindle and Nook.


After this, I go back through the entire epic (all three parts) and prepare them for a printed edition to be released in January.  I think this is the longest novel I have ever written, clocking in at a little over 120,000 words, which at 300 words a page figures out to about 400 pages.  Should be a thick book.


Way the World Ends #5: Machines


One of my favorite action films from the ’80’s is The Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the concept of machines taking over the planet is no longer something that is science fiction.  Daniel H. Wilson wrote a fantastic book (which I recommend) entitled Robopocalypse in which he dramatizes how the machines could indeed take over, and he should know what he is writing about because he’s an expert in robotics and artificial intelligences.  It’s pretty creepy stuff.


John Markoff wrote an article just last month about the advances in artificial intelligence and what it could mean for the world.  He’s pretty optimistic, but what if these artificial intelligences are given too much control?  What if they decide suddenly that we are too dangerous to the planet to continue our existence?  What if they see us as cheap labor to build their machine empire?  Much science fiction is written on the subject.


I’ll leave you with a video that might get you thinking.  When Jules talks to the baby, it really creeps me out:




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