Well, the World Didn’t End…But In My New Book It Did

Today is the release date for Book 3: Babylon the Great the third installment of the This Broken Earth trilogy soon to be released together as a print edition in January. 

For now, you can get your copy on Amazon only as Nook is having “techical difficulties” for some reason.  I uploaded on Wednesday, but it has yet to go live for Nook.  I will post here when it does.

Until then, let’s talk about the Mayan Prophesy.

If we look at the actual glyph that predicts the end of the world, we see several interesting things in the translation:

  1. The number 9
  2. The number 8
  3. “my precious” “the precious”
  4. “It will happen in 2012”
  5. “the great encircling”

This translates to these facts:

  1. The Hobbit” is Peter Jackson’s 9th feature film.
  2. It is also his 17th film credit: 8+9=17
  3. The first film released in 2012
  4. The ring “the great encircling” is called “the precious” or my precious.

Conclusion: The Mayans actually predicted the release of “The Hobbit”.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense:)


2 thoughts on “Well, the World Didn’t End…But In My New Book It Did

  1. LOL, loved your logic here, Roger! Best of luck to you on the sales of your “This Broken Earth” trilogy, and congratulations on the release of part 3! Kudos! 🙂

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