I’m Giving Away My Post Apocalypse Novel for 5 Days! – Day 1

Book Cover - Bigger copyAs stated yesterday, I am going to give away my post-apocalyptic novel This Broken Earth for the next five days.  It is available through Amazon only, though, but Amazon has a handy app for any mobile device where you can download books and read them if you don’t own a Kindle.

I will be tracking the progress to see how many books are being downloaded and hope to have some great success with the program.  If you miss out on the five day free giveaway, you will still be able to get it on loan through Amazon Prime Membership.

Why am I giving it away for free, you ask?  Why not?  I really want people to read it.  I’ve spent much time and effort producing a product that I think people will enjoy.  All of the reviews I have received (all of them 5 star) have been from readers who “don’t usually read this type of thing” or “found the format and style” of the book to be akin to what makes “The Walking Dead” a success.

What you will find is a completely re-written compilation of all three parts of the novel series.  You will have the story in its entirety FOR FREE!  How could you pass that up.

All I ask is that you write a review on Amazon, post it to your Facebook page or blog, Tweet about it, and above all enjoy the adventuresome quirkiness that is This Broken Earth.



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