I’m Teacher of the Year!

One of my favorite plays is Much Ado About Nothing.  In it, Benedick rails on and on about how he will never fall for a woman because no such woman exists in whom he could be interested.  When his friends fool him into falling for Beatrice he says:

I may chance have some odd quirks and remnants of wit broken on me, because I have railed so long against marriage: but doth not the appetite alter? a man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age.

Well, I will have to say that the idea of being nominated for teacher of the quarter much less teacher of the year has been, to me, something of what Benedick originally thought about marriage.  The teachers always choose who would be teacher of the year at my high school, and I have never been “popular” enough and continually get passed over (or so I thought).  I suppose I must now eat my words, much as Benedick had to eat his words about marriage.

The first success of this year was that 96% of my students passed the end of instruction tests.  The second bit of success was that my teacher evaluation was at 100% effective.  I received “highly qualified” in every category.  I joked that this was enough for me and that I would never be nominated by my peers because I didn’t feel like one of the “popular” teachers.

Boy was I wrong.

I would like to thank the teachers and administrators who nominated me, as I am humbled and completely taken aback.  I love each and every one of you dearly and am flattered that you would ask me to represent the high school in this competition.  I will hopefully win it for the school and then compete in the state competition.  It is mostly an essay, and I feel confident that I can write a very good one.

I am off to write an essay for my administrators which (I was informed today) is due Wednesday bright and early.  I plan to turn it in tomorrow.

After all…writing is indeed hard work.


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