Cover Design: Come Apart

I have finished the initial cover design for my new novel Come Apart.  Note that I have not included any text because I was going to do that in the cover editor for CreateSpace, unless I could do it myself, and then I will use a font called “Digital Dream”.


Cover Design - Come Apart


One thought on “Cover Design: Come Apart

  1. Green is my favorite color, so it appeals to me on that level, and I liek the puzzle pieces in front of the number code (a puzzle behind a puzzle).

    This could be good or bad depending on the audience: I like enigma, but others may not. It’s hard to get an idea what the book is about or the genre. Hopefully it is intriguing enough to encourage blurb reading.

    The only thing I’m really iffy on is the illustration of the woman. While well done, it is stylistically reminiscent of old children’s book art. That might be intentional, but if I had to guess at a glance, I’d expect the book to be targeted at the 8-10 year old reader. Maybe it is! That’s simply my initial reaction.

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