Free Book Giveaway: Day 1 Report


day 1 breakdown

I am currently giving away the Kindle version of my newest novel Come Apart.  I have listed it with several online promotion sites who have massive Twitter followings and who, for the most part, will blast my book out to the internet for free.  Some of them are paid services, and have charged (at the most) $20.

Yesterday was the first day the book was free, and I gave away 47 copies.  Each day I will check on the progress, and see what is happening to it.

The marketing ploy is this: It’s a good book.  All of the proofers couldn’t put it down, and they were surprised by the ending which is a huge twist.  It is my hope that those who get the book for free will tell their friends who will then download it when it goes to $2.99 a copy.

It is also offered as a print edition through CreateSpace, and is selling slowly at the start.  The big push will be after a book signing in late May.  I know I might not be a best seller, but let’s see if this book will be a grass roots seller like the last novel This Broken Earth.

More on this tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Free Book Giveaway: Day 1 Report

  1. Thank you! I have downloaded it and will look forward to reading it when I’ve finished what I’m currently reading. Looking forward to hearing how this promotion goes. Good luck with it!

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