Free Book Giveaway: Day 2

Day 2

I’m not really sure how to read this, but it looks like things are (on the surface at least) looking pretty depressing.  I have given away 78 copies so far, but each day it seems as if units moved are shrinking.

Cover Design - Come Apart - Final DesignI suppose I could get very depressed right now, but I won’t.  This Broken Earth saw 500 copies given away when I released it last year, and I guess this book is not one of those fad genre books, so it probably isn’t gathering steam like a post apocalyptic novel.

I’m not too concerned.  My only hope is that those of you who downloaded the free one will return the favor for my hard work and write reviews on Amazon after reading.  I’ll check tomorrow and see what happens.  I’ll post here regardless of units given away.


One thought on “Free Book Giveaway: Day 2

  1. Chin up Roger, we never really know what’s around the corner, do we? Could be something truly amazing and I don’t know about you, I think it’s long overdue!

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