Ye Olde Bookstore: Mind the Dust

I found this article because I was fumbling around in my feed. So often in this digital age we forget the simple pleasure of a print book, and that is why I offer a print edition of all of my books for order on Amazon. I also stock some in the dusty old book store, too.

Legends of Windemere

Prague National Library (According to a site) Prague National Library (According to a site)

Try the place next door if you’re looking for coffee.  Oh, you wanted a book.  Kind of young, so I wonder if you know what a book is.  No, it isn’t the stuff they put into your brain these days.  Not exactly.  Both hold stories, but the classic methods are what you hold in your hands.  Sure, you can’t carry as many as the eReaders or the mind plugs.  Issue with paper cuts too . . . It’s when you get a cut from the edge of paper, which is what books are made out of.  Just watch your hands, kid.  So, are you still interested?

Sure, I’ll go with retro and carrying a book around being a cool thing. Hope you read the thing you buy. Yes, you have to do it with your eyes open because you can’t see it in…

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