New Podcast Up: Screenwriter/Novelist Drew Chapman

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On this episode we had the privelege of interviewing television writer and novelist Drew Chapman. Drew has been in the screenwriting business for many years. He has written for Disney’s “Pocahontas”, “Iron Man”, “Legends” on the TNT network and has written episodes for many network shows. He is also a novelist and his new series “The King of Fear” will be released in February as a serialized online novel series, then later as a print edition and e-book. Drew sat down to talk to us about writing for television and just writing in general, what he thinks of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and how to break into television writing. He also told us about a new show he is writing for Amazon he has titled “Viva Courtney” about a soccer mom disillusioned with our government who becomes a sort of Che Guevarra. Vote for “Viva Courtney” when it hits Amazon.

You can find the episode here.


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