Writing Progress: Getting Bogged Down

Word count: 6350

Today was hard. Really hard. I fought to get the words on the page. It was a struggle much like wrestling an opponent much larger and more confident than myself.

I started by writing up the bio on another hero I intended to use later, and then I erased the start of another chapter. Things became worse after that.

I had difficulty getting dialogue out, but managed some nice description otherwise, and tried to find the positive in all the mess. I reached my quota, but the swamp of words dragged me down today.

Hopefully by tomorrow my brain will have figured a way to let the words flow better.


8 thoughts on “Writing Progress: Getting Bogged Down

  1. Never give up! Never surrender! Remember what Raymond Chandler said: “When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a hovercraft.” Rise above! Keep fighting the good fight! Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!!
    (May have gotten carried away there…)

  2. Days like this are so difficult. It was like that for me yesterday for most of the day. Sometimes, I try focusing on something else. Research or a different part of the story. Or taking a break from writing altogether and getting out of the house. Sometimes just stepping away makes it click.

    You can do it!

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