Results of the Kindle Free Giveaway

For the past few days I’ve been blasting my free book on the internet via several outlets and free services that get my book in front of millions of Twitter followers.  Today I went on KDP and checked out the results.


I gave away 99 books.

Now, let’s say that half of those people who downloaded a book read the book and like it, then hopefully those are people who will buy the sequel when it comes out in June.  You might think that’s not a success, but in my eyes it is.

The hope is that people will read the book and get hooked on it, then they will hopefully become a fan of the series.

If you want to read The Terminarch Plot, then click on the cover to the right and get it for a measly $2.99.  The adventure and intrigue is worth much more than that, but in hopes that you will become a reader of the things that my addled brain produces is worth the discount.

Happy reading!



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