YouTube Site Launch!

I’ve written on this blog about what I’m going to do to help promote myself a bit more.  Now that Ryan and I have moved on from the podcast to other things, I decided to get hopping on a YouTube channel where I’ll offer funny videos (mostly with my kids who are my life), audio dramatizations of short stories, and general writing tips for indie writers.  I’ll vlog my experiences as an indie writer, hopefully do some video interviews with some great people, and generally promote the living daylights out of the books I’ve written.

Check out the two embedded videos below, and if you like what you see, please subscribe and like the videos.  If you don’t then please comment and let me know how I can improve the channel.

First, a running segment on the channel: “Dad Plays Video Games”

Next, a running segment on the channel: “Audio Short Story Theater”

And finally a short tutorial on how to use Mindnode to create vivid characterization:

Now back to writing that sequel!


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