Roger Colby is a high school English teacher who has been working in that game for about 16 years.  He loves his job, but more to the point, loves writing a great deal more.  He has four children, one boy and three girls, and is married to the most beautiful, wonderful wife a man could possibly dream up.

He considers himself a “world Christian”.  He sees the Christian movement on a global scale and is totally committed to evangelism worldwide.  He has been on several mission trips to this end, mainly to Mexico and China.  He has many friends in the mission field and actively supports their efforts to reach the world for “Dad”.

He is a struggling freelance writer as well, looking for any job that will give him a chance to write something or create something.  He has written a few science fiction novels “The Transgression Box”,  “This Broken Earth” and “Come Apart” and is currently working on a science fiction series entitled “The Five Rims” with the first book in the series “The Last Terran” due out in June or July of 2015.  He has also written a devotional book “Notes From the NICU: Overcoming Catastrophic Trial”, and all of these books are available on Amazon.

He is in no way a Biblical scholar, and knows just enough Bible to know that Jesus is his Lord, that the gospel must be spread, and that we are to treat others as we want to be treated.  If this makes him dangerous, then so be it.

25 thoughts on “About

  1. Pleasure to meet you. I have a Pacific War site that seems to be going over quite well, but there are many time I have trouble writing my own speak – as you can see. I’ll probably be back quite often!

  2. Hello Roger,
    I appreciate the follow! You’re website here is so nicely organized and clean – I’ve got my coffee and am ready to read all the interesting articles you have.


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  4. Roger, I’ve tagged you in my post: Work In Process Challenge – it would be wonderful if you would follow it and let everyone know what you’re working on! ~ Julie 🙂

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  6. He was MY english teacher!! Hi Mr. Colby!!! I forgot you had a book out and just now, at 10 pm, remembered it! Im going to find it and read it. I remember you read us some before it was finished and I was soo into it. I cant wait to read it! Bye! Email me if you can! If your even connected to this in any way. Lol.

    • Great to hear from you Danielle! I hope things are going well for you and yours. You are so smart and I know that you will go far in life. If you are interested in reading anything I have published, you can find that on my Author Page or the “Books I’ve Written” page on my blog. Again, great to hear from you!

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  8. I just read your comment on Jaen Wirefly’s blog, and also commented as well. I am supposed to be staying away from all things work related until I get my MIND in shape… but I can’t help myself! Before I had my BPD breakdown, I worked for (and can’t wait to get back to) a company called Special Guests. (Specialguests.com) I was a publicist, we book guests on TV and radio shows. Many authors, mostly Christian and ALL sharing a message that needs to be shared. Anyhow, if I ever write a book, this is what I would do to promote. It’s the most cost effective way. And the owner, Jerry, is an amazing Christian man. Very upfront and will be honest and tell you EXACTLY like it is. (It’s the east coast thing) Any how… if you’re interested, either let me know (mandistores@gmail.com) and I can get you in touch with the right people, or check out the website. If you do, tell them I sent you. They haven’t forgotten me… I hear from them often and they are very supportive, but would be nice for them to see I haven’t forgotten about them either. 🙂

  9. Hi Roger, I’ve discovered your blog through Jennifer Eaton’s, and am enjoying the exploration – and so I follow. Looking forward to learning more in my journey through your pages. ~ Julie 🙂

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