Other Books I’ve Written

NEW! – The Headless White Horse – Paperback ($8.99), Kindle ($2.99)

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Since the first human could carve pictographs on a wall we were drawing monsters, things from the dark that we didn’t understand or that were phantom shades in the corner of our eye. Some of the monsters in this collection are complete fabrications, things that haunt my imagination only, but others are things my Dad told me about on a fishing trip when I was a young boy.

He swore it was real.

“The Headless White Horse” is a compilation of short stories, some of them published in magazines like “Literary Juice”, a rogues gallery of science fiction and horror for the reader who feels they’ve read it all. If you are looking for something new and different to read, then this is your new book.

Also in this volume: Two never before seen chapters from the Five Rims universe of “The Terminarch Plot” and “The Terminarch War” and the first chapter of the third volume: “The Shibboleth Code”!

Five Rims Series

Book 1 – The Terminarch PlotPaperback ($12.99), Kindle ($2.99)

terminarch plot cover revealThe human race has dwindled to less than 100 souls, the dying remnant of a once tyrannical empire that conquered the Five Rim worlds only to be overthrown by their alien slaves. Over 100 years later, Guillermo March, born on an alien planet in a small human enclave, awakes from a coma after a botched drug sting takes his arm. As the fog of unconsciousness melts away he is told by his alien security force partner that he is the last human in existence. He is unable to mourn this news because he is immediately thrust into the mystery and intrigue surrounding the bombing that wiped out the remaining humans. The Terminarch Plot is a science fiction mystery novel rife with non-stop action, surprises at the end of each chapter, and a reluctant hero who becomes the sad legacy of the human race. Little does he know that grand schemes and machinations are at work, schemes that will bring about the end of the fragile hegemony formed by the native species of the Five Rim worlds. Book 2: “The Terminarch War” is due out in 2016!

Book 2 – The Terminarch Plot – Paperback ($13.00), Kindle ($2.99)

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The Bug Queen has found a new and terrifying weapon. Deadlier than ever before, her troops are now waging all-out war on the peaceful citizens of Ontocca.

But Guillermo doesn’t really care about all that. he’s smuggling just to stay alive, and trying to keep bounty hunters off his tail while he seeks the mysterious woman who has exterminated every other Terran in the Five Rims.

During the Queen’s fiercest attack yet, Guillermo’s faithful partner is captured. Not knowing who to trust, Guillermo faces a mountain of harrowing challenges trying to rescue her before it’s too late. Along the way, he discovers the terrible legacy of his Terran ancestors, a legacy that has tainted the lives of all races of the Five Rims and is the secret cause of the Queen’s war.

Come Apart – A new science fiction mystery thriller!

Read the 5 star reviews!

Kindle ($2.99) and in Print ($12.00)

Cover Design - Come Apart - Final DesignIn our lives there is always one event that we wish we could change, to travel back and make a step to the left rather than to the right. Michael Prosper is one such individual who finds himself trapped in his own small town, his mind clouded with amnesia, a vague mist that slowly clears to reveal a waking nightmare of a life gone wrong. It is the story of teenage Danny who also suffers from memory loss, but as the mystery unravels they both discover connections with each other and with the strangeness of the town that ultimately leads them on a journey within, and when the truth about them both is finally revealed, the curtain rises on choices that will forever alter their perception of themselves and the people around them. Come Apart is Roger Colby’s third novel, a science fiction mystery in the tradition of Lost and The Prisoner.


This Broken Earth – As of 4/15/2014, nearly 1500 copies downloaded!  Read the 5 star reviews!

Kindle ($2.99) and Print ($17.00)

This Broken Earth - Final CoverThe world has ended…sort of.  Wandering through the apocalypse are a band of people simply trying to survive, but their lives, like our own, have a greater destiny not immediately visible to the naked eye.  Follow this band of reluctant heroes as they journey south to New Orleans based on a hope found in a whispered rumor around a campfire.  They will face bandits, cannibalistic militia and spiritual forces bound to destroy them, but with faith they can survive, must survive, for the hope of all humanity.


The Transgression Box was my first novel. It is an allegory/satire of American Christianity, but is also an action packed zany ride through a science fiction universe that I will be revisiting with sequels in the future. It is available here:

Amazon Kindle Edition: (.99, or free with Prime Membership)

Barnes and Noble Nook: (.99)

iTunes Edition (.99)

All Other Formats (.99)


2 thoughts on “Other Books I’ve Written

  1. “Roger Colby is an independent author, English teacher and father of four. He is probably writing a novel or teaching or playing with his kids or romancing his wife if he is not posting on this blog.”

    You just described me!! Well, I have two kids and I write poetry.

    Keep that pen moving!!

    S. Thomas Summers
    Author of Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War

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