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How to Customize iBook Author Templates

I have searched the web far and wide to find awesome pre-made templates for iBook Author, because it seemed to me that I could not modify the pre-made templates at all.  However, I found a quick and easy 7 step process to creating completely custom templates for iBook Author and am offering this tutorial free … Continue reading

Aeon Timeline: Outlining Made Easy

I broke down and bought Aeon Timeline.  It was $39.99 in the AppStore, but so far it has been worth every penny.  Even though there is currently not a Windows version, I have found the program to be probably one of the greatest tools for planning out multiple story arcs, keeping track of character relationships … Continue reading

Scrivener 2: Even More Bells and Whistles

As most of you know, I write long form texts on Scrivener because it is probably, in my opinion, the best word processor software a novelist could ever use.  A few days ago, I updated to Scrivener 2 and found several features that were even better than the original. 1.  Exporting to OpenOffice and Word … Continue reading

Researching for a Novel Using Wolfram Alpha

There is a thinking beast evolving before our eyes on the internet, and its name is Wolfram Alpha.  It is a search engine that is much more than a search engine, more of an intuitive algorithm machine with one of its goals being “to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.”  It … Continue reading

How to Use Scrivener to Write a Screenplay

Scrivener is probably the best word processor available.  Most writers like myself who have been writing for a long time will find Scrivener a welcome addition to their desktop.  I use the program exclusively to write novels, but it has many other functions, one of which is screenwriting. Here are the steps: First, open a … Continue reading

New Scrivener for Windows BETA Released

The good folks over at Literature and Latte have just released a BETA version of Scrivener for Windows that improves the way Scrivener works with that operating system.  You can find the link to download the program here. Note: This is a BETA version so it is a work in progress.  They need people to … Continue reading